Sizing Guide

All necklaces, anklets, and bracelets are available in standard lengths. However, when you're designing your strand in our Design Centers, you may adjust the length by ¼" shorter or longer so you'll always achieve the perfect fit. This table shows the minimum, standard women's, standard men's, and maximum lengths:

Strand Type Minimum Standard
Necklace 13" 16" 19" 30"
Anklet 7" 9" 11" 13"
Bracelet 5" 7" 7½" 9"

If you are not sure how long to make it, measure your favorite necklace and then use the sizing symbols ( or ) wherever they are indicated to match your measurement.

Stone size comparisonFor comparison, this image shows the difference in size between the 6 millimeter (top) and 4 millimeter (bottom) stones. The dime is included to show the relative actual size.

March 13, 2024