Krishna: The Eighth Incarnation

The gemstones of India, the Krishna design features eight 6 mm stones. Included in the strand are Aventurine, Bloodstone, Carnelian, Fancy Jasper, Garnet, Moonstone, Prehnite and Yellow Jasper. Your strand will come with a cardset describing the healing properties of each stone.

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Stones in the Krishna strand

Aventurine Aventurine
Great for motivating you to put your heart's desires into action. Brings out leadership abilities promoting clarity in making choices. Can treat disorders of the thymus gland, heart and lungs. Stimulates and clears heart Chakra. Great for attracting prosperity and wealth.
Bloodstone Bloodstone
The "Stone of Courage" is great for stamina of mind and body. Can connect you with the Divine source inspiring trust to live in the moment. Good to attract money. Can rid toxins and purify spleen, kidneys, liver and bladder. Opens and activates heart Chakra.
Carnelian Carnelian
Can dispel feelings of rage, fear, and envy. A cheerful stone that brings out joy. Calms emotions and increases ability to reason. Recommended to ease arthritis pain. Strengthens bond between parent and child. Inspires unconditional love for yourself and others.
Fancy Jasper Fancy Jasper
This stone can relieve fear, frustration and guilt. It builds inner strength and confidence to nurture your deepest desires. Increases total body vibration improving physical and mental health. Can stabilize heart and solar Chakra allowing choices to be made from the heart.
Garnet Garnet
The "Stone of Health" is great for vitality, strength and happiness. Traditionally a stone of lovers to signify devotion. Can lessen feelings of abandonment and fear. Great for purifying the blood and easing pain in cramping or muscle spasms. It can stimulate your desires and draw happiness to you.
Moonstone Moonstone
Drawing its strength from the moon, it's known as the "Traveler's Stone" so use it for protection when you travel. Because of its strong female energy, it is also called the "Goddess Stone." Inspires spiritual nourishment and firm compassion. Teaches that everything comes in its divine time.
Prehnite Prehnite
Enhances abilities to retain and understand the messages from your dreams. Use for treatment of anemia and kidney disease. It can shield you from people or places that drain you emotionally. Use it to restore your trust in Divine Manifestation.
Yellow Jasper Yellow Jasper
This stone reflects the nurturing aspects of sunshine bringing lightness into your life. A protective stone that is excellent for traveling. Inspires endurance by teaching that patience is its own reward. A very positive and cheerful energy is sure to follow whenever you use this stone.

Five Suns of the Aztec strand cardset

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"Krishna: The Eighth Incarnation" Bracelet
7 inches, 6-mm spheres

March 13, 2024