Black Mountain Gemstone Jewelry: Cubic Zirconia

Create Your Own Cubic Zirconia Balance Design

Use the list boxes below to select the colors for your unique Cubic Zirconia bracelet and earrings and we'll build them for you!

Stone 1 Stone 2 Stone 3 Stone 4

Add ¼" ¼" Add ¼" Length* Price      
6 mm Bracelet
  Subtract ¼"  Add ¼"
7.25 in. 0
6 mm Earrings

*Bracelet length can be adjusted between 6.75 and 7.75 inches. We add or subtract small, 2.5mm sterling silver beads near the clasp to accomplish this so your gemstone design will remain intact.

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Beautiful designs created by our customers

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Cubic Zirconia Balance Bracelet
Topaz, Purple, Yellow, Pink
Design created by Ayat from Bahrain
$249.95 PayPal

March 13, 2024