Spirit of the Serengeti

Spirit of the Serengeti features twelve 6 mm stones from the continent of Africa. African Turquoise, Blue Lace Agate, Botswana Agate, Chalcedony, Dumortierite, Howlite, Malachite, Pietersite, Poppy Seed Jasper, Red Jasper, Tiger's Eye and Zoisite make up this incredibly powerful strand. Your strand will come with a cardset describing the healing properties of each stone.

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Stones in Spirit of the Serengeti

African Turquoise African Turquoise
Encourages trust in self to stimulate independent action. Improves communication skills by speaking from love and inner wisdom. Attracts money and provides protection from accidents while traveling. Can reduce headaches.
Blue Lace Agate Blue Lace Agate
Can activate Chakras from heart to crown stimulating clear choices from heart and head. Eases depression and despair bringing feelings of encouragement and support. Conducts steady energy flow through the body and can relieve arthritis.
Botswana Agate Botswana Agate
Encourages understanding of eternal love in the ever-changing universe. Allows focus on solutions rather then existing problems. Great for treating stress and depression. Strengthens sexual energy and dispels feelings of being disconnected from friends and family.
Chalcedony Chalcedony
A protective stone that can shield you from others' negative thoughts and jealousy. It has been used to improve blood and circulation disorders. It can transform thoughts of self-doubt to feelings of courage and faith.
Dumortierite Dumortierite
The "Learning Stone" can increase communication between your physical and higher self. Promotes mental clarity and sense of order. Good for cooling the body and treating thyroid imbalance. Can encourage self-reliance and provide feelings of security.
Howlite Howlite
Presents calm communication skills when faced with confrontation. Can eliminate fear, rage and envy to heal anger. Encourages patience and relieving heated outbursts. Reputed to balance calcium levels to heal teeth, bone and tissue disorders.
Malachite Malachite
The "Stone of Transformation" can detect emotional source of physical illness. Clarifies heart energy harmonizing desires for both material and spiritual success. This copper ore is highly conductive and can ease arthritis pain. This stone can guide you to live from your heart and the money will follow.
Pietersite Pietersite
Inspires loyalty and respect for all life forms. Brings out true love of self. Good to use with spirit travel; it keeps you grounded to your ethnic body. Promotes humanity. Brings riches and property with strong visualization and intention to do so. Assists in trusting life cycles, moving with grace through the ups and downs.
Poppy Seed Jasper Poppy Seed Jasper
A protective stone that has been said to reflect negativity back to its sender. Inspires you to restrain from dangerous desires that can lead to unstable emotions and poor health. Builds confidence, self worth, and self acceptance. Balances Yin and Yang to help keep physical energy high.
Red Jasper Red Jasper
Provides insights that your life is a result of your choices. Inspires you to make your life exactly what you want by making new choices. Can give you confidence to move forward enjoying the journey, not waiting in expectation. Helps prevent setbacks or relapse illnesses that have been overcome. Good for rectifying unjust situations.
Tigers Eye Tigers Eye
Bringing together the powers of the sun and earth, this "Stone of Creativity" assists you in clearing the chaos from your mind. Balances left and right brain activity. It can inspire optimism during times of struggle with the rewards of vitality and prosperity.
Zoisite Zoisite
Inspires trust in the natural goodness of the universe. Good for strengthening the immune system and reducing inflammation. Can transform negative feelings into constructive actions. Use it to reveal positive guidance from your soul for steady direction.

Spirit of the Serengeti strand cardset

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"Spirit of the Serengeti" Bracelet
7 inches, 6-mm spheres

March 13, 2024