About Us

Our Mission

"To bring you timeless, unique jewelry with the spirit, positive energies, and natural healing qualities of the earth."

Our Story

We've been in business hand-crafting fine gemstone necklaces, anklets, and bracelets using the highest quality stones since 1993. We source our stones from all over the world from companies and individuals who have earned solid reputations for the quality of materials they offer. We are very deliberate and concientious about the supplier relationships we've developed over the years so we can offer you truly genuine and authentic products from sustainably and responsibly produced stones and components.

We have a permanent gallery located at ArtSpace City Center in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. We're proud and very appreciative of our loyal customer relationships and take great pride in knowing that many of our customers have been wearing our designs every day for over two decades.

We take great pride in the work that we do. It is our main focus to create gemstone jewelry that provides the healing properties and positive energies that you desire. That is why Black Mountain primarily uses spherically shaped gemstones in our designs. This structure allows for the most movement of energy within each stone's healing properties.

March 13, 2024