Gemstones of the Twelve Tribes

The Gemstones of the Twelve Tribes strand is our only design using square stones* instead of round. It contains Picture Jasper, Lapis Lazuli, Rhodonite, Onyx, Malachite, Poppy Seed Jasper, Snowflake Obsidian, Leopardskin Jasper, Red Jasper, Tiger's Eye, African Turquoise and Mahogany Obsidian. Your strand will come with a cardset describing the healing properties of each stone as shown below.

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Stones of the Twelve Tribes

African Turquoise African Turquoise
Encourages trust in self to stimulate independent action. Improves communication skills by speaking from love and inner wisdom. Attracts money and provides protection from accidents while traveling. Can reduce headaches.
Lapis Lazuli Lapis Lazuli
Harmonizes the heart and mind. It is great for deep soul work. Draws a spiritual love to you. Stimulating the throat chakra it can activate total awareness. Great for treating gland disorders. The "Stone of the Stars" is named for the Arabic word heaven. Let it bring a little heaven to you.
Leopardskin Jasper Leopardskin Jasper
Represents connection to earth. Use it to draw life force from nature into your body. Stabilizes heart and solar chakras assisting you in trusting each new path you take. Good for attracting beneficial influences in your circle. Inspires you to take accountability and find the freedom that comes with it.
Mahogany Obsidian Mahogany Obsidian
This lustrous volcanic stone can provide a reflection of your inner-most soul. Use it to carry you through life's mysteries with ease and comfort. Can strengthen and stabilize immune system. A very protective stone, it will absorb negative energy from you and those around you.
Malachite Malachite
The "Stone of Transformation" can detect emotional source of physical illness. Clarifies heart energy harmonizing desires for both material and spiritual success. This copper ore is highly conductive and can ease arthritis pain. This stone can guide you to live from your heart and the money will follow.
Onyx Onyx
Inspires you to honor inner wisdom. A deep protection stone helps balance intuition with action. Great for long endurance and self-mastery. Can treat disorders of bone marrow, soft tissue and feet. Absorbs positive energy from your environment and brings it into you.
Picture Jasper Picture Jasper
The "Global Awareness Stone" promotes unity in efforts to nurture the planet. Stimulates third eye chakra providing insights of the past to create a better future. Can treat skin and immune disorders. Reduces fear and guilt, inspiring you to reach your full potential.
Poppy Seed Jasper Poppy Seed Jasper
A protective stone that has been said to reflect negativity back to its sender. Inspires you to restrain from dangerous desires that can lead to unstable emotions and poor health. Builds confidence, self worth, and self acceptance. Balances Yin and Yang to help keep physical energy high.
Red Jasper Red Jasper
Provides insights that your life is a result of your choices. Inspires you to make your life exactly what you want by making new choices. Can give you confidence to move forward enjoying the journey, not waiting in expectation. Helps prevent setbacks or relapse illnesses that have been overcome. Good for rectifying unjust situations.
Rhodonite Rhodonite
The "Stone of Love" dramatically impacts your heart Chakra allowing love to be your highest law. Inspires compassion for you and others. Can bring assurance that your choices are leading you on the right path. Can treat thyroid, nervous, and heart disorders. Has been said to improve memory.
Snowflake Obsidian Snowflake Obsidian
The "Stone of Purity" removes toxins from body and soul. Can assist in removing belief patterns that no longer serve you. Can treat disorders of the skeletal structure. The color contrasts in this stone show the balance in life. Dark represents the mastery of physical plane and light shows the connection to spirit.
Tigers Eye Tigers Eye
Bringing together the powers of the sun and earth, this "Stone of Creativity" assists you in clearing the chaos from your mind. Balances left and right brain activity. It can inspire optimism during times of struggle with the rewards of vitality and prosperity.

IssacharPicture Jasper
ReubenLapisi Lazuli
BenjaminBlack Onyx
DanPoppy Seed Japser
EphraimSnowflake Obsidian
NaphtaliLeopardskin Jasper
JudahRed Jasper
AsherTiger's Eye
ZebulonAfrican Turquoise
GadMahogany Obsidian
* Note: Stones shown here are for illustrative purposes only. Stones can vary slightly in color, pattern, and shape.

Twelve Tribes Cards
Twelve Tribes Bound Healing Properties Card Set

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Twelve Tribes Bracelet
Approx. 7 inches, Healing properties cardset
12 Tribes cardset
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Twelve Tribes Necklace
Approx. 21 inches, Healing properties cardset
12 Tribes cardset

March 13, 2024