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Lapis Lazuli
Origin: Afghanistan

Harmonizes the heart and mind. It is great for deep soul work. Draws a spiritual love to you. Stimulating the throat chakra it can activate total awareness. Great for treating gland disorders. The "Stone of the Stars" is named for the Arabic word heaven. Let it bring a little heaven to you.*

Brand New Cubic Zirconia Designs!

Cubic Zirconia Graduated 3x3 Bracelet

Cubic Zirconia Graduated 3x3 Bracelet

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Now in our season, our signature piece, the 72-stone necklace, has been one of our most sought-after designs. This strand includes 1 each of 72 different stones in a single 18" strand for only $124.95!

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We have 72 different 6mm and 4mm round genuine gemstones for you to mix and match. Create multi-stone necklaces, bracelets, anklets and earrings in our design centers.

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