Create Your Own 108-Stone Wrist Mala

We're excited to introduce our new wrist mala! Choose from any of our 72 gemstones to create your own, unique design.

These strands are designed to wrap several times around your wrist. During yoga practice, for example, your wrists need to be strong, flexible, and supportive so you need a mala that can stand up to the pressure. Well, these malas can do just that! Use the form below to select your stones at each each position and we'll build it for you. As with all our designs, we fully warranty our work so you can rest assured your mala will last.

Stone 1 Stone 2 Stone 3

Adjust wrist size between 5 and 9 inches:
Subtract ¼" ¼" Add ¼" 7 in.



Beautiful designs created by our customers

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Rhyolite, Poppy Seed Jasper, Sodalite
Design created by Eleanor S. from Utah

15 Sep 2022